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Website development company specialized in Custom Web Development Services
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Web Development Services



Use an experienced development team that creates efficient applications at affordable prices.


Whether we talk small or large application development, our aim is to
build custom software that responds to real business needs.


Work with a team that never failed
a project and knows how to create long-running projects.

Why choose Crystal Code?

Crystal Code is a web development company offering a unique combination of experience and knowledge in order to create professional solutions for you.

  • Experience in custom web development. We work closely with our clients helping them to translate their needs and ideas into solutions. We’ve built a strong foundation and a vast experience in creating web apps that implement complex logic, data aggregations and visualization, handle a multitude of requests and manage huge databases.
  • Symfony competences. One of our core competences is creating mid-large projects using Symfony framework which we have extensive experience in and loved since version 1.0. It is probably the most complete and versatile PHP framework, suitable for custom web applications.
  • Using the right approach. We know how to find the proper technologies for emerging projects even if they are new to us, how to find pragmatic solutions for complex client demands, how to gather client ideas and transform them into powerful tools.
  • Agile team. Providing flexibility in the way we are collaborating with our clients is important to us. We’ll pick the best workflow that matches your needs and suits your project best. Our experience in using Scrum (Agile methodology) for larger teams and projects can become an important asset for you.
  • Complete services. We can provide various different services and abilities like back-end or front-end development, logo and responsive web design creation, application and database architecture, hardware architecture covering scalability and redundancy, quality assurance, flexible workflow and team management. We are innovators and proactive.
  • Competence growth. Our employees are constantly improving their knowledge and skills via internal training, working on challenging projects and attending local or international conferences. A new developer entering our team spends between one and three months in training/learning depending on his skills and experience.

Our work is our testimonial

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