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About This Project

This is one of the most challenging enterprise web application we developed. It’s still an ongoing project with lots of updates ahead.


  • does call tracking, online (web) and offline (tv, radio, journal)
  • for online tracking we can determine the visitor who made the call and the source of the visit with all the afferent details
  • tracks all visit details
  • has call features like recording, message playback, call back, web call, returning caller, agent call, etc
  • has suport for integration with multiple call service providers
  • provides integration with various external services, linking calls and visit details to external data, upload data capabilities (adwords, bing, google analytics, etc)


  • custom built in API and export tools
  • aggregation of large amount of data
  • multilingual user friendly interface for all the data and summaries for various levels (client products, client overview, reseller, salespersons, admin)
  • tracking via api or javascript
  • white label solution, reseller capabilities
  • special hardware and software configuration fully redundant and scalable, stable
  • separate tracking service using mongodb (usual tracking response is in under 10ms), synchronization via beanstalk to main NDB database
  • several millions of calls tracked every year (more than half surtax calls), about 100 times more visits tracked